Easter loan – where to get money quickly?

How much will this year’s Easter cost?

How much will this year

The Easter period is full of expenses – according to statistics in 2019, the average Pole wanted to spend over USD 560 on preparing holidays. Organization costs are constantly rising – in 2018 we planned to spend USD 520 for this purpose.

It can be estimated that Easter in 2020 will be even more expensive – especially since prices in stores are definitely higher than last year. According to the Central Statistical Office, the prices of goods and services in January 2020 increased by as much as 4.4% compared to the same period in 2019.

What do we spend the money on most? Christmas preparations primarily require the purchase of products necessary to prepare traditional dishes, but in stores we also buy cleaning products, home decorations, and often gifts for loved ones.

Unfortunately, it happens that the costs exceed the capabilities of an average household – in this situation many Poles decide to take out a loan for any purpose. A Christmas loan is a popular solution that covers all costs associated with organizing Easter.

Financial products offered by both banks and institutions from the non-banking sector are characterized by simplified procedures and quick decision. In the case of parabanks, the holiday loan can be addressed to people with low creditworthiness who have no chance of receiving funds from the bank.

Is it worth borrowing money for Easter?

Is it worth borrowing money for Easter?

The online loans offer is very wide, and non-bank institutions are outdoing themselves in creating new, even more attractive proposals. Companies can borrow up to several thousand USD for any purpose, and we do not need to document what we have allocated the funds for.

Holiday loan offers are available without leaving your home – all you need is a computer with internet access. Unfortunately, the high availability of offers means that many people may fall into a vicious circle of borrowing and lose control over their own finances. Is it worth borrowing money for Easter?

If we have no other choice, we should choose an interest-free offer, the cost of which will be 0 USD. A free loan for new customers is a solution that has many parabanks in its portfolio. They offer the first loan from the APRC 0% for people who have not yet used the services of a given company – this is how free loans work.

What else is worth knowing about them? As a rule, they have a short loan period and a low value – up to several thousand USD. They often do not require the submission of certificates from the employer – a statement on income prepared by the client is sufficient.

What about people who are in arrears with other loans and want to finance their holidays with another one? Is a holiday loan for those in debt a good idea? If we have many liabilities on our account, and timely payment of problems causes us a problem, let’s try to find another solution.

Easter loan – what do you need to know before you take it?

Easter loan - what do you need to know before you take it?

Due to the rising prices of products needed to prepare Easter, many people decide to take out a loan for the holidays. What conditions must be met to receive additional funds? Most non-bank companies direct their offers to people:

  • adult,
  • with full legal capacity,
  • with Polish citizenship,
  • having an active bank account and telephone number.

These are the basic requirements that must be met to get a Christmas loan. The conditions may of course vary from company to company. Most institutions also check the financial standing of their clients, e.g. verifying them at the Credit Information Bureau.

Getting a Christmas loan without BIK is difficult, but there are parabanks that do not check the registers. Then they require additional security, e.g. a surety.

A Christmas loan for proof, i.e. an offer that is characterized by maximum simplification of procedures, is also very popular. Evidence loans are available online and only for people with a flawless credit history.

Easter loan – where to find it?

Easter loan - where to find it?

A quick loan for the holidays is available in many non-bank companies, e.g. Good Finance, Cream Bank, Lite Bank or Agree Bank. What is the difference between individual offers?

Good Finance – the customer can borrow from USD 800 to USD 700, with the first free online loan for USD 6,000. There is an additional requirement – the amount must be repaid in four installments every week, each of which must be ¼ of the borrowed amount. The loan period for Good Finance loans is between 4 and 130 weeks.

Cream Bank – the company provides loans in the amount from USD 100 to USD 6,000. The first free loan is up to USD 3,000 with a repayment period of up to 45 days. Cream Bank verifies customers in BIK and the minimum age is 21 years.

Lite Bank – customers can receive from USD 300 to USD 5,000, with the first loan from the APR 0% equal to a maximum of USD 3,000. The repayment period at Lite Bank is from 14 to 30 days. Borrowers are not verified in BIK.

Agree Bank – the minimum loan amount is USD 100, and the maximum – USD 7,500. An amount of up to USD 3,000 has been prepared for new customers. Agree Bank checks BIK records and loans are granted for up to 30 days.

Easter loan – what exactly should you spend your money on?

Easter loan - what exactly should you spend your money on?

Loan funds can be used for any purpose. If we enlisted it for Easter, we can publish it, among others on:

  • groceries,
  • household items,
  • electronic equipment,
  • going abroad for Christmas,
  • gifts for loved ones.