Loan for family benefits – how to get? Check!

Family benefits are the only source of income for many Polish families. The reason for this may be temporary problems with finding a job or an illness preventing it from taking up work – life writes various scenarios. Family benefits are not high, so those who get them sometimes have trouble making ends meet. A loan for family benefits was created with such families in mind.

Banks grant loans only on the basis of an income certificate. Many non-bank companies do the same, which also verify that the applicant for a loan works and how much he earns.

This makes it difficult for recipients of family benefits to obtain financial support, but does not completely eliminate the chances of receiving it. An online loan for family benefits exists, you just need to look well.

What are the types of family benefits?

What are the types of family benefits?

Several types of family benefits are granted in Poland. Who and on what terms are entitled to family benefits has been discussed in detail in the Act of 28 November 2003 on family benefits.

Under the law, family benefits are:

  • family allowance and supplements to family allowance,
  • one-time support for the birth of a child (so-called ‘bonus’),
  • care benefits,
  • carer’s allowance,
  • parental benefits.

Considering the needs of families, the amounts received are not large. No wonder that many of them need external financial support.

Can I get a loan for family benefits?

Can I get a loan for family benefits?

The ideal customer from the bank’s point of view is the one with the employment contract confirming regular account payments. Better yet, when he signed it at least a year ago or earlier. This does not mean that those who are not permanently employed in the event of financial problems have to deal with themselves. There are several companies on the non-bank market where a loan for family benefits is possible.

In practice, you can get a loan for family or social benefits. Of course, the lending company will scan the client to verify the risk of issuing a positive decision in his case. In addition to income, credit history is also important.

Simply put – it must be good. Loan companies may turn a blind eye to the lack of permanent employment, but not to debt. The chances of getting a loan having an entry in the BIK, BIG or KRD databases are minimal.

How do you take out a loan for family benefits? 

Start by finding a reliable lender. First, look through the offers available on the market and check their terms. To find an attractive offer, use the current ranking of payday loans, which will help you a bit. Make sure the company you choose grants loans for family benefits. Thanks to this you will save time for submitting an application that would be rejected anyway.

The loan application procedure looks the same everywhere.

  1. Specify the loan parameters (amount and repayment period).
  2. Register on the lender’s website.
  3. Verify the account created.
  4. Submit a loan application.
  5. Wait for the application to be accepted and sign the contract.
  6. Collect cash.

Who can take out a loan for benefits?

Everyone who does not have a signed employment contract but has an alternative source of income, provided that it is accepted by the selected institution. It’s best to check on the lender’s website what sources of income they accept. There are those which loan companies do not take into account at all.

Maintenance is one of the unacceptable sources of income. Both banks and non-bank institutions do not treat maintenance as income, as it is assumed to be money intended for a child, which is to enable him to develop and cover his most important needs. They should not, therefore, serve to repay the undertaking.

The situation is completely different when the borrower, apart from maintenance, also has a stable income. Then maintenance is seen as an additional source of money, increases creditworthiness and a maintenance loan is very much possible.

Is a loan for family benefits a good solution?

Is a loan for family benefits a good solution?

Sometimes the loan for family benefits will be the last resort, sometimes the proverbial nail in the casket – everything is in the hands of the borrower. It depends only on him how he will manage the borrowed money.

Many consumers overestimate their financial possibilities and get into debt, and then do not pay their debts, because there is simply nothing in the world. A small injection of cash due to the service barely covers the current needs, which is not enough to pay off the debt. It is worth remembering that unpaid loans have many consequences.

In practice, if it is not really necessary to get a loan, it’s best not to take it. Unfortunately, there are situations when it cannot do without financial support from outside. Then you need to plan the budget for the nearest time so as to pay the liability on time and avoid negative entries in the debtors’ databases.

How to improve financial liquidity by maintaining on family benefits?

How to improve financial liquidity by maintaining on family benefits?

Improving financial liquidity for families receiving family benefits is simply advisable. Thanks to this, many problems would disappear, as he took away with his hand, and everyday life would become easier. Parents would not have to deny anything to themselves or their children. But what to do to improve financial liquidity and avoid future financial problems?

First, we must learn to save. The amount of monthly income does not matter – you have to manage your money in such a way that it will be in the black at the end of the month. Even if denying yourself small pleasures doesn’t help, it’s a sign that you need to increase your monthly income as soon as possible.

It is not always easy, sometimes it requires additional funds to start. It is one of a kind investment – investment in a better future. Therefore, denying yourself something now, keep in mind that one day you will have better.