What are short-term loans?

This is an excellent alternative to a bank loan, which you have to wait for a long time, as well as a loan from someone from your family or friends, because although it is usually interest-free, in the end, it may turn out to be less profitable than the one taken from a non-bank company. We advise what they are and where to find the best short-term loans.

What are short-term loans?

What are short-term loans?

A short-term loan, commonly known as a “payday loan” is one form of borrowing money in non-bank companies with a low amount and short repayment term. Basically, short-term loans are granted for 30 days, but there are also those that can be repaid in 45 or even 60 days. It may happen that the repayment period will be longer, but its extension must take place under the conditions provided by the lender.

This short-term loan is granted very quickly and the formalities associated with it are kept to a minimum. Currently, payday loans in 15 minutes for small amounts, which are easier for the borrower to repay, are the most popular. This way you can usually borrow from a few hundred to 10,000.

Fast short-term loans online

Online loans are the best way to obtain additional funds quickly, safely and conveniently. You don’t even have to leave the house to get them, all formalities can be completed by sitting comfortably in an armchair in less than 10 minutes. Banks place high demands on borrowers: they expect a stable financial situation and a flawless credit history.

Lack of employment contract, irregular income or a single negative entry in BIK may break our dreams of a bank loan. Meanwhile, a short-term loan over the internet does not have such stringent requirements, making it easily accessible to anyone. A quick short-term loan is a solution for everyone who wants to borrow small amounts of money, without any unnecessary formalities or leaving home.

Observations show that 24/7 online short-term loans are most often used by:

  • retirees and pensioners,
  • students
  • people working on the basis of civil law contracts,
  • people living on benefits and grants.

Ranking of short-term loans

Ranking of short-term loans

Are you interested in short-term loans? Ranking loans and payday loans are a great way to find the cheapest offer. It will allow you to instantly verify if an offer is attractive and compare it with other available on the market. It gathers all the necessary information on the basis of which it can be determined whether taking a loan in a given non-bank institution will be profitable for us.

In the short-term loan ranking, you will find full information about a given offer, including the interest rate, commission for granting or the amount of APRC. Choosing a quick loan with a ranking will be much easier.

Short-term loans 

Short-term loans 

Most lenders expect that the applicant will have a positive credit history in BIK, KRD or BIG. For those who should have had a leg in the past, loans without BIK have been prepared that allow them to receive financial support even for those whose annotation in the above databases exists.

A short-term loan without BIK has higher costs than a “normal” loan – interest, initial fees, and margin are higher.

What conditions must be met to receive a short-term loan?

Typically, short-term loans do not require a number of documents to be presented, so you can get them even only as proof. You do not need to provide a statement of earnings, all information entered by us in the application is sufficient.

However, it should be remembered that the lender may (but does not have to) verify the correctness of the data provided by us, so at each stage of applying for a loan in the indicated places, only true information should be entered.

Due to the nature of short-term loans, lenders usually simplify the applicant’s verification process as much as possible. One of the verification methods is the so-called verification transfer. There are also payday loans without transfer, given as proof.